User friendly configuration

What an amazing application! I’m going to promote it even more. The “Command palette” was my primary entry point even before I saw that it is at the top of your quick starters.

Can I help developing it?

  1. “transfer settings between faults”
    Many applications use centralised configuration, with local overrides. I think I am thinking about a OBSIDIAN_HOME environment variable, which points to the default configuration. I want to use VI-bindings. Always. I am sorry that Obsidian thinks this is vault-dependent.
  2. join the editor standardisation
    EditorConfig helps maintain consistent coding styles … across various editors and IDEs.”
    VIM, my favourite editor supports it. So does IntelliJ Idea, my favourite IDE. Obsidian, please do it too!

Please, 1 FR per thread and search before posting.

I agree, one FR per thread. But I believe these concern the same solution.