User defined snippets to write faster in obsidian

In vscode you can use user defined snippets to enter repating content very fast. I am aware of an plugin called text snippets which is similar but comparatively less powerful. Also is there a way you can do something similar with templater

You can use Templates or Templater for snippets of repetitive text.

  1. Set a hotkey to open the template modal. (I use CMD /)
  2. Type a few letters of the template’s name to select the template / snippet
  3. Press enter when the right template has been selected

Templater allows users to bind templates to hotkeys. For example, for journaling I use CTRL OPT CMD / to insert a header with the current date and time.

If using macOS and iOS / iPadOS, system-wide cross-platform text replacements also work in Obsidian. They can be single words or multiple paragraphs of text.


Espanso is a text expander. It is not an Obsidian plugin, but I use it for text snippets. It might be something you could use.


can templater do a form autocorrent, for example as i am typing a word if it matches a certain regex character it will autocomplete to the target snippet

For example
I type “1/3/22” and press Press a hotkey
It matches with a regex and replaces “1/3/22” with “the date is 1/3/22”

Not to be pushy, but the 2.1.3-alpha version of Espanso has regex triggers. So it is what I have installed on my Linux machine.


Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I was looking for. Although i am worried that it is only alpha, should i wait till stable release

The alpha is a rewrite of the entire project, and it works well for me on Windows and Linux. The stable release 0.7.3 does not have regex triggers, and it is a bit easier to configure. In addition, the developer is very responsive to issues on GitHub.

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