User-defined Sidebar Icons Linked to Notes

Use case or problem

I frequently open a particular note, call it Home. To get to it requires some combination of keystrokes, ie, hotkeys, search, etc.

I’m lazy sometimes and want to click something to get to it.

Proposed solution

Allow users to place an Icon in the sidebar that can be linked with a user-defined note. There is a way to do this with the Daily Note however, I see value in allowing the User to select a note, ie, Home that would be opened by merely clicking on the Icon.

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You can use the “Customizable Page Header and Title Bar”, and “Customizable Sidebar” plugins for this.
If you need to create a shortcut to your home node, use the “URI Commands” plugin, which can turn your home node URL into a command palette action, which you then can pin to the sidebar.

Bonus points: If you want your home node to always open in preview mode, but the other notes to keep opening in live preview, you can use the “Force Note view mode” plugin.

There’s also the “Homepage” plugin which opens a f.ex. home node by default upon each startup.

And TfTHacker wrote an article on medium how to create a home dashboard, which is quite nice.
And, since I just posted this on Discord since I’m so happy about it, let me share here too:

I made a Franken-Dash: I have combined @TfTHacker ‘s desktop Dashboard with @bexlex’ big icon mobile dashboard within the same note.
On desktop, the big icons stay folded, and on mobile I have the best of both worlds: first the big icons, and when I scroll down, the same home dashboard as on desktop.