Use wildcards for subcategories of links in metadata

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I know metadata will accept links and tags. My MOC are based on subcategories of tags and links. I want to continue using them

What I’m trying to do

Looking up links and metadata but finding no references.

I am trying to format my notes with YAML and Dataview. I know that links are possible in the Projects plugin. The examples that I see are link: [[xyz]] or tag: #xyz. My MOCs are formatted with subcategories, such as [[ABC/xyz]], [[ABC/lmn]], [[ABC/qrs]]. My tags are similar with subtitles. Ideally, I would be able to write [[[ABC/*]]. That would allow me to capture all of the ABC notes in Dataview.

I am asking, is there a wild card character that I can use in YAML links and tags?

Is there any other way?

Things I have tried

I have tried doing searches, but they are so messy. Dataview seems like a better option than messy one-item searches that never bring up the information that I need. I have over 1,000 notes. They are long and full of unrelated links—not what I was told to do. I have no trouble writing so I am writing out my thoughts. I am not making snippets of information. I use Obsidian for thinking while I write. But all the information is there in my writing so I need to pull it out for specific purposes.

If I could use the links and tags I already have or add them vaguely using the Linter plug-in, I would feel much better about using Obsidian. Now, I think my notes are lost in a whirlpool of too many links and tags. They are sorted into categories, but they are hard to use for searches. I need to be able to search for the major first part of the links and tags.

Is kind of unclear what you’re looking for, and how you’ve written your metadata, as you’ve got no examples of the markdown you’ve used, nor what kind of output you want.

Do you want something to be used by the Projects plugin, or in Dataview queries?

Do links in your frontmatter actually look like someNotLink: [[aNote]] or someLink: "[[aNote]]" ?

I am guessing the the wild card is only possible in the search for notes when using the plugin Linter. My front matter would only need to be set up using search parameters with the wildcard.

ISorry, Holroy, I have no idea what you are saying about someLink: I will figure it out somehow. Thanks

How do a typical frontmatter with link(s) and tags show like in your case? Could you show us an example of a existing frontmatter from your files (preferably from source mode)?