Use temporary file when creating a new file

It would be good if we use temporary file when we open a [[]] link or click “new file” button. In that way, the .md file is generated only when there is content in the file. If there is only the title (file name), we don’t generate the .md file.


  1. May able to implement part of the “block reference” function
    1.1. Change the title and then update all internal links with no actual file
    1.2. We can see backlinks and mentions in the temporary file view
    1.3. Display the references through filters or dashed lines in the graph view
  2. Keep the folders clearly, I don’t want to see files like “Untitled” “Untitled 1” all over the folders
  3. Maybe we can directly enter the title instead of deleting “Untitled”
  4. This is how it works on my vimwiki


  1. If we click “new file” button and write a title and exit. In that case, will we lost our work?
    Maybe File Explorer on the sidebar can do something with that?
  2. When we delete all content and left a title, will we delete the .md file?
  3. Security? Data free? Technology? maybe something else. welcome to add

It would also be very useful if for example I want to keep the “empty notes” as an “empty Glossary-link” just to check for the linked mentions or the local graph but don’t actually want to create a note which sits empty in my Zettelkasten.

Maybe a new file should only be created in time the first content is written in the note