Use Templater plugin to link to most recently modified file with a certain tag

Things I have tried

Googling if Templater can work with Dataview, confusing myself

What I’m trying to do

This is pretty specific, but I want a template to create a link to the most recently created file with a specific tag. So look through all files with that tag and grab the most recent one. Is there a way to do this? Maybe there’s some way to run a dataview query and sort by modified date or something like that

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I definitely don’t completely understand the code, but using Templater in conjunction with Dataview is surely possible, as evidenced here: Create list of links based on all open tabs

Perhaps someone will kindly point you in the right direction, or possibly completely solve your use case. I could see uses in my workflow for your request. Good luck!


Zachatoo in the discord made a templater snippet for this! Templater snippets |

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