Use tab key to indent

Hi, I hope someone can help me here quickly and without obligation. where the hell do i set that i want to indent with the tab key ONLY ONLY! I don’t want any stupid red writing, no other automatic formatting, I just want to have the same spacing between the words and not use the imprecise space bar to do it.

I hate independent formatting anyway WITHOUT wanting it, where can I turn that off?

i will this:

car car
bird bird

to do with a tab, not a red font or anything else

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Obsidian is a Markdown editor. Spaces and tabs act that way.

You’ll notice your “car car bird bird” lines also didn’t format how you expect. This forum also uses Markdown.

If you want text to format without formatting and just appear as you type, unfortunately you either have to follow the rules of Markdown, or put the text inside something like a code block (between triple backticks ```) or inside a <pre> html tag.

But code blocks and pre formatted blocks will render differently too, depending on your css theme.

In the long run, if you want to keep using Obsidian, my suggestion is to read up on the basics of Markdown formatting, and embrace those rules.

There might be plugins that help do what you want, but Obsidian isn’t a word-processor style editor.

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By not using Obsidian.
There are PKM programs that don’t use markdown (they usually use a database), and some that approximate word processor usage rather than code editor usage while containing markdown internally (again most use a database).

Yes. Doesn’t even have native export to word processor formats.

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