Use syncthing and ish to sync obsidian between ios and windows


  1. 下载ish
  2. 挂载obsidian数据目录
  3. 使用ish安装syncthing
  4. 运行syncthing同步
    1. 后台运行
    2. 设置同步选项,关闭自动扫描

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  1. download ish
  2. mount the obsidian data directory
  3. install syncthing with ish
  4. run syncthing sync
    1. run in the background
    2. set sync options and turn off auto-scan

下载ish (download ish)

AppStore 下载 ish
Download ish in the AppStore


  • Create a directory called obsidian in your home directory by running cd ~ && mkdir obsidian.
  • Mount your local vault folder into the obsidian folder
    1. Run mount -t ios . obsidian
    2. A file picker will show up
    3. Choose the folder with your local vault


install syncthing

apk update
apk add syncthing


Run the syncthing app to synchronize

设置后台运行/ run in the background

cat /dev/location >/dev/null &

运行syncthing/run syncthing

syncthing -no-browser &

使用手机浏览器打开http:// in your browser

设置同步选项/set sync options

Use syncthing software to set up synchronization, you can see other articles

注意以下选项的修改/Note the modification of the following options

![[Pasted image 20211002185339.png]]


Usual use steps

  1. 打开ish / oepn ish app
  2. 向上滑动,获取历史命令,并回车运行,同步后使用obsidian / Swipe up to get the history command and enter to run,then using obsidian

向上滑动使用历史命令/Swipe up for historical commands

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Use rescan all to scan all changes

哈哈哈 正在研究ish+syncthing+iOS obsidian ,想法一致


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请问这个应该怎么解决? syncthing 版本1.5

I have a question.
You let me know the port 8384 but I don’t know after that how to process it. (I did the former description all. Thx.)
Is there a sync App what I should do download?