Use of @ in Obsidian

Very stupid question probably ! I’m a new user and also new to Mark Down. I have looked online and can’t find whether or if the @ symbol has any use in Markdown. But then saw an Obsidian demo video recently where it was being used to identify people.

When I type it into a note it doesn’t seem to do anything.

shot in the dark that maybe it was my video?

if it was, then the @ by itself isn’t doing any identifying, the link i open: [[@ begins to search for all file names that begin with a @ and the only files i begin with a @ are the files named after people. so only people are named with a @ that’s at least how i approach it.

hope this helps :sweat_smile:

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere before as a potential conflict between using @ for people and citations. For example pandoc uses [See @doe2020] to indicate a citation.

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and when some citation system is implemented I’ll likely do a bulk file rename in the command line in a few minutes to change my files from [[@Nick Milo]] to [[@ Nick Milo]] :rofl:

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Or :bust_in_silhouette:! I don’t like the colour in emoji but that one is kinda subtle.

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Great! Thanks. I have been using workflowy for note taking and am also using @ to identify people and # to identify subjects or topics. Very useful. Thanks.

A slightly related problem which I should have asked in my first post. I can’t see that the single square brackets around a word or number do anything either - but in markdown they do make them look like a link. Can you clarify…?