Use of # followed by number is turned into a tag by Obsidian

Import or copy paste of a file that includes a hashtag followed by a number is added as a tag in the Tag Pane. But Obisidan makes it clear that you cannot create a tag that starts with a number. So why does it create tags when it sees “hand plane #5” or “apt #23” or “invoice #3553449”?

It is an awful lot of cleanup, and trickly as well. One really has to do it outside Obsidian with regex to ensure that only the # followed by a digit are being replaced with “#”.

Steps to reproduce

paste this in a note:
Progress through #100-, #150- and #220-grit paper on your sanding block, then sand with a folded piece of #220-grit paper to hug the curves. Finally, give everything a good once over with #320-grit for an almost glass-like surface and you’re done.

Expected result

Either the # should auto be escaped with #, or it should remain but not count as a tag in the Tag window, given that a tag cannot begin with a number.

Actual result

Tags are created in the tag pane for:


  • Operating system: Win11

that’s not what the help site says.

So why does it create tags when it sees “hand plane #5” or “apt #23” or “invoice #3553449

It doesn’t.

So I’m a liar? I imagined removing those tags not 10 minutes ago?

Sometimes your replies are so incredibly rude I can’t even imagine what goes through your mind.

Sorry for the dry response. Let me try again.,

Here it says:

Numbers are allowed in the tag, as long as the tag is not purely numeric.

I tried hand plane #6, apt #23 and so on and they are not recognized as tags.


Ok, these examples have an additional character. Bad example. I’ll keep a lookout because I’m quite certain I removed a bunch of #23 that were apt numbers.

The problem happens when it involved hexadecimal numbers. For example, if you like a color from some css file and enter #00FFFF or some such hex number it is turned into a tag. You have to remember to put it into some “code” block or such. But if you are downloading a page from the browser with markdownload that has a lot of hex numbers, it is a huge pain to clean up…

you are describe another issue, and I invite to open a FR for that.