Use of camera in mobile app?

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I’m new to Obsidian, and migrating from OneNote. Thus far I am almost completely over, except for one fairly important feature: being able to take a picture using a mobile device’s camera and insert it straight into a note. I mean, without going through a number of apps and a few minutes of tapping and swiping to do so (mid-conference, capturing a slide, is the most common use case).

From a search here I found the Obsidian Camera plugin, but that hasn’t been updated in a while and doesn’t work on either of my mobile devices (and, to be fair, says in its readme that it’s really aimed at desktop).

Is there any movement on this topic, or is it still a missing feature? Is there a good workaround that I’m unaware of?


What’s your OS?
If iOS, you might want to check out this thread:

  • Not sure pasting last photo taken is possible but as a workaround one can convert pic to a Base64 encoded version and append that to a note.

If you’re on Android, try looking for a similar solution with an app that uses automation. I had the Tasker app back in the day. You can use Obsidian URI on Android as well.

Use the camera plugin.

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