Use obsidian URI to open a static link with ID

Hi, we can use URI’s to open a note, make a new note, search, but I am concerned for longer lasting links. For example I have a note in my vault called “Project X Reference” and I link outside of obsidian to open this note for my project stuff;


This might be a long lived note, and at one point I change the title, because I either split up the project in multiple sub-projects, or I change the title from “Vacation” to “Krete Vacation 2021”. In that case the obsidian URI is broken. I have to know where I left it to restore the link.

I want to propose linking to a YAML ID inside the note, or can even be in the Alias YAML metadata where there is a static ID, or generated ID (like a UUID)

The note will be:

id: 7cf7f411-28a8-43e2-85e3-6da816fc2afd

# Vacation Krete 2021

Where I can refer to the static generated obsidian ID. That way longer lived notes that are referenced outside of the obsidian vault, will not break.

Als for the URI scheme, maybe something like;


For now I need to be mindful that I do not change titles too much if for example URI’s are shared, or I need to tag a label somewhere that I know it is a static reference, but it would be awesome if obsidian can be robust enough to reference longer lasting notes that might travel and change titles a few times.

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