Use markdown to style text (bold, italics, highlighting) in aliases

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Use case or problem

when using aliases in the wiki links, adding markdown markers (*) for italic and bold doesn’t apply in the review mode.

Proposed solution

add it

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

As a partial workaround you can put the markers outside of the link, which solves probably most use cases. It does mean you can’t make a mixed-formatted alias though.

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yes i can work, but it is not going to work if aliases going to be in the yaml of the note. it is not a big deal foe me, just something i noticed and thought maybe it is not intentional by the devs.

Markup shouldn’t be included in a YAML alias — alias and markup are doing two separate things.

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it works but just doesn’t show up. you can use wiki links in the yaml too for example, but it doesn’t shows in the back links. it can be useful if you can feed that yaml metadata into something else like dataview tables for example

Steps to reproduce

  1. In edit mode, create an internal link with an alternative display text (using a vertical line “|”) that contain text in italic.
  2. Enable read mode.


[[internal link|display text with _italic_]]

Expected result

The display text of the link is expected to be formatted as:

display text with italic

Actual result

The display text of the link is not formatted with italic and appears as:

display text with _italic_


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Debug info:

Additional information

If I use square and round brackets to make a similar link, the formatting is as expected. E.g.:

[display text with _italic_](