Use IMDB data to automatically populate an Obsidian template using Python

If you’re like me and just wrote down your top 100 movies that you liked and tried Googling each movie to refresh your memory, you would know it takes ages! I wrote a Python script that automatically allows me to populate an Obsidian template for my list of movies so that I can focus on writing my thoughts about each movie.

It takes this csv list of movies:

And populate this template for each of the movies:

I’ve open sourced my code here: GitHub - wjivan/obsidianmovies: IMDB metadata to markdown for Obsidian
If you know a thing or two about creating a plugin for this that would be awesome!

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This seems like awesome idea. Your idea could be expanded I think.

I have added a large number of movies to my watch list on iMDb. It woild be awesome if a script could expand this list in the same way.