Use H1 or YAML property "title" instead of or in addition to filename as display name

Please, please, please! I’ve just been putting H1 titles on my notes so that i can see the title clearly whether im looking at a note or a hover preview modal.

With Publish, the file name is set as an H1 title, so all my manual H1 titles then result in there being two titles on each note!

So i had to use CSS to hide the default Publish titles, and now just let my custom titles show through…

It seems to me that the behavior should be as thus:

  • Note title defaults to filename
  • Title: attribute in frontmatter should override default title
  • Publish AND Desktop should have option to choose whether an H1 title is auto-generated based on filename default or frontmatter title attribute.

It would be great if Publish and Desktop handled titles in the same way…


+1 for this request. Would be happy for a setting that allows either a title or alias field in YAML front matter to be displayed in search results.


But…what about this feature? It’s been a LONG time ago since we asked for this, in order to deploy our Zettekkasten notes.

So PLEASE, just add this little feature, to avoid forcing us to see meaningfulness titles along Obsidian (mainly within graph module)


+1, would improve Zettelkasten workflows


Would also love to see this feature soon!

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For what its worth +1 from me.

I think this could be really powerful.


+1 !!

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+1 from me too. It would be nice to have some sort of “detailed” file list, e.g. including first line, first H1, and possibly also tags. Here I’m thinking of how HedgeDoc lists its note history.

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+1 !!!

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would also love see this feature. I like the unique IDs feature with ZK and the knowledge graph feature, yet the two seem incompatible because ZK renders the graph incomprehensible. Adding the header renaming of nodes would solve this.


+1 :slight_smile:


I made an account in order to :heart: this post.

This feature (or the lack of it) is the sole item preventing me from adopting Obsidian. I’ve got an enormous zettelkasten directory of random-filename markdown files which is quite unusable in Obsidian.


+1 extremely useful feature

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+1 +1

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+1 I want to set the first fields of aliases to be displayed as the file name


+1 :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I just found this, and thought I’d post it for those who haven’t seen it. There is currently a community extension which copies the note name to the H1: GitHub - mgmeyers/obsidian-embedded-note-titles

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You may have found this already, but there is a Plugin that syncs Note Title and filename. The Plugin is “Filename Heading Sync” and you can specify how many lines to include looking for a header. At least up to the first 10 lines.

dvcrn/obsidian-filename-heading-sync: plugin to keep the filename and the first header of the file in sync (

That is nice; I do add prefixes to the file names so I know which context it is in though, so not the desired functionality. For me :slight_smile:

I’d Love this