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Hello all,
on X I have found this thread

I am using Obsidian sync and have created 2 remote vaults two years ago.

  • How can I find out which sync-server I am currently using?

  • Can I change this settings?

Thanks for letting me know.

Best, Wolfgang

I contacted the support today for that issue. Did you solve it by any chance ? I’d like not to lose my sync history, hence I can’t manually create a new remote vault, but can’t find a way to switch region.

You can see which sync-server your vault is using by following the steps on “Security and privacy - Obsidian Help” (quoted below):

Your remote vault’s Obsidian Sync server can be found in Settings → Sync → Copy Debug Info. Paste this information into a note or file, and you will see a line with the following:

Host server: wss://

As for changing the server, I don’t think it’s possible (at least according to “Set up Obsidian Sync - Obsidian Help”):

After selecting a location, it’s crucial to be aware that the data center cannot be changed afterward. If you wish to relocate your data, the process involves recreating a remote vault and specifying the desired hosting location during the setup.

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