Use date format setting for property date fields

The new properties in v1.4 are welcome and very useful. The property types (text, list, number, checkbox, date, date & time) are well thought-out.

However, not all users of Obsidian (even if they are from the U.S.) use the U.S. date notation of mm/dd/yyyy. In fact, for the majority of the world, putting the month ahead of the day makes no logical sense at all.

Some countries use slashes, others use dashes, others use periods. Right now, Obsidian’s property dates only use slashes, which might suggest the mm/dd format, but then again the UK (and other countries) also uses slashes, except it flips the two to dd/mm.

I know many people (including myself) who put the year first, followed by the month and the day, with or without puncutation. It allows for much easier sorting of files and folders in the digital age, it even has an ISO code (8601), and I guess you could say it’s the way of the developer.


** I propose adding a date format setting to the property date and date&time types.**

You could utilize the existing setting in Settings > Daily notes for this. It would probably make sense to move the setting to a more general location though.

If you add this little tweak, YYMMDD users like myself, and presumably our British friends and the rest of the world, will thank you for the reduced cognitive overhead in parsing the dates of their notes.

Thank you.

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In the hope it helps, a post and thread about customizing the date format:

It doesn’t work. I second OP. I too want to set the format and use it independently of device’s settings.

At least on Windows 10, it doesn’t follow my OS settings. I’ve for example set:

But it shows me in my properties the US date/time format, including am/pm. I don’t seem to be the only one with this behavior (see this thread).

Besides this, I share the opinion, it should be possible to set it independently of the OS settings anyway.

A workaround is described here, but that’s that’s ugly to keep dates as a text format.

Please continue the discussion in that thread. You are asking the same thing.