Use custom font on iOS

Things I have tried

Obsidian Help doesn’t cover this. I tried installing fonts on iOS but it doesn’t work. Obsidian still doesn’t use my font.

What I’m trying to do

I am using this plug-in to customize font for Obsidian, which works fine with the desktop app.

But it doesn’t work with mobile, because I don’t have the custom font installed on my iPhone.

Has anyone made a custom font work with Obsidian on iOS?

I’ve found this topic on reddit, replicated that and it’s working.

You have to download the font on your computer and use a converter, e.g. this one. Then copy the CSS snippet and include that into your configuration

There may potentially be an easier alternative—although I haven’t tried it myself yet—using the free Fontcase app.

I’ve noticed that this is how people are able to use custom font’s with Figurative—an iPadOS Figma client.

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