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I’m planning to use calendar but not containing daily notes, but just my classes note, so i can review them easily depends on the date. Is it possible? I tried several thing, but seems like calendar plugin really depended on the default daily notes name, which is a date. Atleast, I want some specific note name to included in the calendar, since i have several class in one day. Thank You!

Hi @Farezi, This is not possible yet.
I’ve requested something like this on GitHub:

I can imagine that in a future iteration of this plugin, it would also be great if all notes could be shown/searched created on a certain date. Maybe by clicking the date with a modifier key. But that is not what I requested in the above request.

Perhaps add your vote if this fits your use case? Or add another feature request.

thank you for the answer! While waiting, maybe a daily note that linked to those classes note would work for now.

Yes that’s what I do now. Not for classes but meetings though.
I’ve setup a daily note template with Templater and set that as a default for my Dailies.

Can’t a dataview query on your daily note do this?

For reference, I have a snippet on my Daily Note template that lists every note that has been created/modified on that day.

There it is:

WHERE date({{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}T23:59) - file.mtime <= dur(24 hours) and date({{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}T23:59) - file.mtime > dur(0 hours)
SORT file.mtime asc

Please keep in mind that the placeholders {{date}} are set to match the Daily note template format.

From this snippet above, you could modify the FROM line to narrow down results to only your Class notes. This can be done either via a tag or the folder they’re in.

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Thanks for that. That’s a great suggestion.

What I meant was a bit different though, I wasn’t clear enough. I meant that if you click a date in the Calendar in the sidebar with a modifier key it shows/searches all notes that are created/modified on that date.

Nevertheless, your suggestion is very valuable and I’m going to implement that in my daily note template.
One thing I would like to find out, maybe you know? How can I ommit the daily note itself from this query? Now I have a circular reference in the created/modified.

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You can use the FROM line to exclude a path or a tag from the results. That can be done via the -

On my end, Daily notes have a tag (#Daily-Note) so the FROM line could be written like this:

FROM -#Daily-Note

Take a look at dataview documentation. There you’ll find all sorts of parameters to narrow down your results.

Terrific, thanks for the explanation. I will dive deeper in the Dataview docs.

thank you for the reply! this helps me alot. This is exactly what i looking for, everytime i clicked date on the calendar, daily note show up with a list of classes that day.

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