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I am trying to understand how to use properly the graph view. I had several attempts to improve the files structure, create MoCs etc in order to have a better visualisation. I thought it would help to understand the connections better, but it didn’t. The only scenario where it could be usable for me is to find out what links are linked to a particular topic, but I feel like the backlinks tab works much better for me.

Obsidian with plugins is a very powerful app and I really like it. I just can’t get my head around the graph view and find how it could improve my workflow.

Thanks for any input!

I understand your dilemma. I have the graph view core plug-in disabled for that reason.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know that I am not the only one…

Another problem I see is that when there is plenty of dots plotted then I have to zoom out to see all of them, but then I don’t see their names…

@spolanski : I did not even go that far after failing to see the utility of the graph view. And what is remarkable is that whenever a graph view makes it to the starboard channel, it is always because it show a nice pattern, a bit like an abstract painting. I have not seen a graph view making it to the starboard because it shows something that is useful for productivity, workflow, and such.

That does not mean it does not exist, it just has not been shown and I have not discovered it.

It’s useful when you want to interconnect various notes (like a Zettelkasten/PKM)

Backlinks are useful only when you have a certain note open, but they don’t allow you to see connections between multiple notes at once.

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Thanks for the response.
Here comes the part of the zettelkasten method that I don’t get. I see it might be useful to connect particular notes together (that is the feature I really like in Obsidian-like apps) but the notes naming used in zettelkasten makes it hard for me to find what I want in timely manner. I see it might work for cases when someone is performing research or looking for an inspiration, but it is not how I work.
I prefer having a note name which is made of 3 words that somehow describes what a note contains. Zettelkasten does not declare how the naming should look like, so that is fine, but… If I have multiple notes pointing to one parent note then I have to zoom out to see all of them and then I can’t see the names, but dots only…