URL's not resolving

Steps to reproduce

Open Obs 0.7.4
In edit mode, find a note with a URL, Ctrl+click

Expected result

open URL in web-browser

Actual result

Instead I get a window popup for the Microsoft App store suggesting I need a new app to open ‘this app link’


  • Operating system: Win 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.4, no CSS.
    I did have a piece of CSS that hid the URL (in edit mode) and showed an icon instead. This ‘bug’ turned that one icon into 6 or 7 - it appears to be related to the spellcheck flagging ‘words’ within the URL.

Additional information


I can’t reproduce
I can’t see the screenshot.
If this is related to spellchecking urls, we may solve this soon.

Ctrl+click on the URL =

Another go at the images fwiw

Thanks. This is most likely tied to the spell checker.

will be fixed in 0.7.5

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