URL Scheme

Thanks, yeah - related though not exactly the same. A direct link would presumably open in the same vault as when you captured the link.

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Previously requested: URL Scheme

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It’s not “icing on top”, it’s literally the way to do it. :slight_smile: @ryanjamurphy got the goods going in the thread he linked above. :+1:


That default .md open is slightly related. But not really. (It’s a good idea too!)

The x-callback-url would allow you to embed links in other apps, like your task manager. So you can reference certain Obsidian documents and click directly from your calendar for example.

Example: You could put a few links to related Obsidian documents in the description of one of your projects, in Things 3. I do this regularly with Scrivener, keeping detailed notes related to a project in my Scrivener doc.

Things 3, Scrivener, DevonThink and a few other apps support this. So you can glue different apps together.

(Things 3 and Drafts even have ways of creating content and templates with that scheme too.)


+1 for call back - being able to glue Obsidian to THINGS and Scrivener would be life changing.


Similar to Notion’s links, Obsidian could use links of its own that others can use to open Obsidian and access files from a given vault.


with this feature I can integrate other tools with obsidian better!

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This is one of the most important features IMO. Being able to directly link to notes from things like Alfred Workflows, shell scripts, Hook, Emails, etc. is a big boost. Hope this comes to fruition one day!


“Links are first class citizens”

Absence of the ability to link to Obsidian notes from externally is a fatal flaw. It is beyond nonsensical to not have this feature.

This is a stunning application - but it is incredibly non-functional without this ability.

Please be patient and polite, and add your vote. (edit: I mistakenly thought votes were only by likes.)

The app is currently at version 0.8.4, and is under heavy development. The devs are doing a remarkable job of incorporating user feedback.


Just a quick note: replies count too!

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A basic question. Will it be supported on Windows OS?

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URL schemes tend to be universal, so I would assume.

Apple’s documentation was just the first I found. Here’s the reference for Windows, I think: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa767914.aspx


A reply from the devs would be enormously appreciated - particularly since the interest in this thread has been overwhelming.

If the reply were as simple as “got it - it’s on the list” that would end the discussion.


lets give more :heart: to this feature request :smile:


One more updoot, this is a pretty significant feature for me since it allows me to cross-link notes to other applications. Ideally knowing the note title would be sufficient, rather than needing to store/know UUIDs referring to each note. I imagine that should be okay, since each filename occurs only once within a vault?


If not filename, then filepaths. Not UUID, I would hope!

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My vote for this feature too. It’s one of the obvious missing links in my current workflow.

One question though: if Obsidian’s URL Scheme relies on file name or file path instead of UUIDs, would the URLs be consistent across multiple (desktop and mobile) OSes?

I can think of two examples: DEVONthink and Drafts. Both has extensive support for URL Schemes relying on UUIDs and the URLs are consistent across macOS and iOS. When I copy the URL of a file, e.g. x-devonthink-item://FB10A963-7A9D-4B70-BC1C-9A0E28A62DCC and paste it into an Obsidian document, this URL always takes me to the same file whether I’m on macOS or iOS.

Because both DT and Drafts rely on UUIDs, I was under the impression that apps have to rely on them to generate URLs that work consistently across multiple OSes.


I think you are probably right. Also, a UUID would not rely on the note name. If you used a note name as a url, and renamed the note, the external link could break.

But would having a UUID rely too much on Obsidian’s database, and go against the philosophy of owning your data? If you had all your Markdown data, and rebuilt your vault, would all those UUIDs be lost and links broken?

  • Scrivener uses a UUID as well.
  • Notion uses a UUID, but also puts the name of a note before the UUID. But if you rename the note, the link doesn’t break. The UUID doesn’t change.
    • This is a fake example: notion://www.notion.so/yourworkspace/The-Note-Name-Goes-Here-820937a9e8f70e0a7fc7097545788763
  • Things also uses a UUID.

Having natural note names as urls would mean you could write them by hand, or generate them by script, which would be great. Could there be multiple access points? UUID or note name?

I imagine there would be a lot of design considerations to implement this well.


Speaking as a user that knows little about development decisions, I think this may be a good solution. I personally wouldn’t mind using UUIDs accessible only within Obsidian’s database (as opposed to owning your data locally), but for those who wish to adhere to the original philosophy, they can always generate the URLs with file names / file paths.

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