URL Scheme: Add support for directly opening quick switcher

Use case or problem

I would like to mimic an NVAlt-like experience where triggering the app via global keyboard shortcut immediately dumps me into the quick switcher. From there I could search for a note or start creating a new note.

Proposed solution

Add another URI action to open the quick switcher as soon as the app loads.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now I have a global shortcut configured in BetterTouchTool on Mac which does two things:

  1. Open my vault via the “Open URL” action and Obsidian URI
  2. Auto-runs the keyboard shortcut to open the quick switcher

This workaround only works if my vault was already open in the background. Otherwise, opening the vault takes a second to load, and step 2 runs before it can respond to keyboard shortcuts.

You could use the Advanced-URI plugin to call the command of the quick switcher. Simply call the “get uri for command” command of Advanced-URI and select the quick switcher command. The corresponding URI should be copied to your clipboard.

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Oh, awesome! Thanks for the tip, that worked like a charm!

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