URL Links Not Working

Not sure how to close a forum item & tag as fixed. Tried doing below but not sure if that is the protocol. New(er) to Discord
This help item is resolved

When I copy & paste an URL into Obsidian the link does not work whether or not I am in
the preview or edit mode. It basically acts like regular text. It does not jump me to the website or open the browser

Does not seem to matter what key combinations I try to use such as Ctl + click

I would think that it would act like the internal links that when you click it you are jumped to the location or some variation of it. Nothing happens at all

Have checked security etc but nothing occurs

Sample link

Here is also a link to the discussion within Discord in case it is of use

I can’t reproduce. this is likely a problem of your computer.
Maybe you don’t have a default browser confugured or something like that.

Moving to help.

Sorry about putting it in the wrong place then
I don’t see anything odd with the PC & all other programs are working
Will keep looking into to see if I can figure something out though running out of ideas


I am unable to find anything on the PC end
Not really sure if it is related to my browser either as I have looked into

If anyone thinks they can help I would appreciate it as I am confused why it would work & now it doesn’t
Especially when it is the only program not doing what it is supposed to

Does not seem related to the PC but I suppose anything is possible

For a record of troubleshooting steps, I suggested that @Badjer try the following troubleshooting steps in Discord. I don’t know if he’s seen it or attempted yet:

Create a blank HTML document from Notepad to see if it opens.
Check default protocols in App Settings, specifically checking to see 
that HTML and HTM are set to his current default browser. 
Also, that URL is set to BROWSER APP.
Reset registry entries:
Open command prompt as administrator. 

Type the following:
regsvr32 urlmon.dll (click enter)
regsvr32 mshtml.dll (click enter)
regsvr32 browseui.dll (click enter)
regsvr32 msjava.dll (click enter)

Then restart system.

Some of the things I am unsure how to go about

I have just noticed that some of the steps are in further detail in Discord as well

Since you can’t open links in the help vault, @The_Badjer, see if you can open a blank HTML document. Just create a new note from Notepad and save the file as TEST.HTML. You’ll see a popup asking about file changes, click yes. Then double click it and see if it opens

Ok so when I double click it it does not open automatically it asks what to open with

I presume this should be done with my default browser, correct?

sorry new to all of this


So when I select Brave the pop up window briefly disappears & reappears again

Am I not suppose to choose the Brave as an option since it is not letting me select or am I missing something here?

Or should this be done with Note pad again so choose that as an option?

While waiting for some feedback on the above I have scrolled down Discord to your other steps

Next, @The_Badjer, go to your start menu, click it, then type DEFAULT APPS (caps don’t matter). Scroll down to the bottom and click DEFAULT APPS BY PROTOCOL. On the left, you’ll see file types. Check to see that HTML and HTM are set with your default browser. Also check that URL is set to BROWSER APP

My default browser (brave) has the HTML and HTM selected beside the app

When you say

Also check that URL is set to BROWSER APP

Are you referring to the part beside the app? If so I think there is an issue there


I will hold off before replying to the rest of the steps before I get too far ahead

This issues has been resolved

In case it helps anyone 1 of the folders of Brave (my browser) somehow got set as the default browser vs the browser itself

Not sure how that happened as everything was fine the other day but regardless TY for all the effort

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