URL Link Preview Boxes

THIS exactly. I don’t like how it creates that mess. Plus the developer seems to have abandoned the plugin. So hopefully someone creates a new better one

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I forked obsidian-simple-embeds and added a feature for displaying generic link previews. It uses them as a fallback for all links that don’t match with the existing embed sources (youtube, twitter etc) and can be toggled on or off. It works with the existing settings of simple-embeds so you can choose for it to display the previews next to links or replace them altogether. Also, if you wanted to use this display for all links instead of some specialized embeds, you can disable the individual source and it will use this instead.

So far it works for most links I’ve tried. You can view the PR here: Add a generic link preview source by udbhav-s · Pull Request #47 · samwarnick/obsidian-simple-embeds · GitHub.