Uppercase capital letter on weekdays in mother language

Hello. I have tried to find a sollution to my problem, but I’m not sure where the problem is. I am trying to make a daily note template with the templater plugin, but I am not able to move past the title. I’m sorry if this is a really stupid question, I just can’t find the sollution on my own.

Things I have tried

I have tried to change the language of the Obsidian application, but I don’t want everything in Norwegian, this does make the tp.date and tp.file. creation_date retrive the date with the weekday in Norwegian though
I have looked up moment.js formatting, and tried to figure out how to change the way the weekdays are formatted in my language, but I have no idea what I was doing. I have very limited knowledge in coding.
I have changed the language of the calander plugin, that makes the weekdays in the plugin correct. This also makes the weekdays in Norwegian, while keeping the app language in English
I downloaded another plugin called “Periodic notes”, but couldn’t find a sollution there either.
I tried changing the date format in plugins and the Obsidian application, but no luck.
I have also searched for a sollution on the forum, in the help docs, in the templar docs and moment.js docs

The image below shows my issue, as you can see “mandag” is all lower case. I want it like the “Monday” one. On the left is the syntax I use, with the date format I want. I have also used that date format when changing settings. I achieved the correct language (“mandag”) by chaning the language of the calender plugin.

What I’m trying to do

As shown in the pictures, I want my daily note template to start with a heading that says the weekday in my own language, Norwegian, then the date and time in my preferred format. Format being DD.MM.YY HH:mm
I know that weekdays aren’t written with capitalized inital letter in Norwegian in a sentence, but it’s a title!

I bet there is a very simple explenation to this, I have just started using Obsidian and I really enjoy it, but I fear it might be a bit above my skill level.

In advance, thanks!

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This should be possible with a css snippet (works in my tests).

  1. Enter the following in the note template:
<div class="Capitalize"><% tp.file.creation_date("dddd DD.MM.YY HH:mm") %></div>
  1. Create a css snippet with the following:
div.Capitalize {
  text-transform: capitalize;

Someone else might have a better solution.


Yes! It works! Thank you so much! :smile:

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Det er jo fint å høre! Bare hyggelig.


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