Upload the snap to snapstore

Installing the snap manually is inconvenient and doesn’t bring automatic updates, can you please upload it to the store?

Automatic uploads can be easily done via any CI using snapcraft push once you’ve generated a key (via snapcraft export-login snapcraft.login or snapcraft export-login --snaps my-snap-name --channels edge -).


Well, +1 to that.
Although I would say, that good old raw installation (e.g. tar.gz) would yield more usable and universal/
Additional problem with snaps, flatpaks and AppImage - is that Obsidian, basically, runs sandboxed and I was yet unable to get fonts I want to be available in Obsidian. (Fonts are just tip of the iceberg, really).

Linux is very hackable, and since release archive is available for ARM, it would be incredible if release archive be available for x86/64, it wouldn’t be too much to ask.

I’ll +1 this one as well. Just had to figure out how to use the --dangerous option for snap to install Obsidian

Yes, please! It takes very little work given that you already support Linux!

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Please release Obsidian as an official snap package and make it available through snapcraft.io.

Flatpak is not officially supported and currently (version 0.13.33) broken under Wayland.

AppImage does not provide any desktop integration whatsoever.

The link to the Linux (Snap) package on obsidian.md does not appear to be working.

The link works for me.

The link is working for me as well.

I downloaded the .snap file from the home page, and I could not install it. When I open it on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the “Software” store app gets opened, and this error message is displayed: “Failed to install file: not supported”

I have same problem (

I found solution.
Download snap file from official site
and install this file from command line

sudo snap install --dangerous /path_to_file

For additional context around the considerations of linux packaging and the release process for snaps and other packaging formats was discussed here previously as well.



Snapcraft policy reviewers have approved classic confinement for Obsidian on the Snap Store. They are now waiting for Obsidian developers to upload a version of Obsidian to Snap Store.

Are there any news from this topic from the team, @WhiteNoise? As @Flimm already noted, the next step here needs to be taken by the Obsidian team, then this should be working for all the people waiting for the snap to be available through Snapcraft.

1.2.7 is available in the snapstore.

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