Upgrading fails 4/13/21

Unclear upgrade process, or error in Catalyst site: attempting to obtain access to IOS ”beta” app by upgrading from Insider, BUT: forced to create new account due to Forum login not being accepted, and PayPal choice not doing anything but showing a notice page that it only works for Catalyst (etc.), even tho that was exactly what I was trying to upgrade (rather than paying the full amount as if I didn’t already have insider, which does show on my Forum account page)…

As far as I know the PayPal route is still manual. Please DM Silver in the discord server or email [email protected]
As for the first part, I’m not sure I follow what is going on. Maybe this helps? Catalyst license

The Obsidian.md site has a different login from the forum.

Perhaps my confusion was that access to the iOS beta is for ”all tiers” of Catalyst, which had looked like it meant even an ”Insider.” Also I’d thought that upgrading to Catalyst would credit my previous Insider payment. Anyway, just got Catalyst, & it worked.