Upgrade Electron version to v22.0.0 from v18.3.5

Obsidian v1.1.3 is built using Electron v18.3.5. My feature request is that future builds be built on a version of Electron that is has not reached end-of-life, e.g. the most recent stable version v22.0.0.

Use case or problem

Electron v18.3.5 reached End of Support on 2022-09-27 - two and a half months ago. This means that future vulnerabilities will not be patched, which poses a risk to Obsidian users.

Electron v22.0.0 uses a newer version of Chromium (108), which supports newer CSS selectors that would be extremely powerful when developing themes.

Proposed solution

I would propose bumping the Electron version used to build Obsidian to v22.0.0.


None possible, unless it were possible to compile Obsidian from source (wink wink).

Similar feature requests

Request #46528 was posted and closed over a month ago. I believe that this warrants a repost - a time estimate beyond “periodically” would be helpful!

same story. It will happen.