Updated plugin dont work with UNC path(previously can), plugin author claim obsn changed app://local to app:://

Once you’ve done the above, delete everything above this line.

Steps to reproduce

install latest obsidian + latest markmind plugin /w pdfjs,
prepare 2 vaults, 1 in c drive, 1 on NAS (using UNC path).
the one on c drive works as before, the one on NAS, when click on a link to PDF annotation, didn’t open the PDF annotation plugin

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Expected result

work as before

Actual result



Additional information

author’s claim

I believe it changed from v1.2.8 →

  • If you were relying on app://local for functionality within your plugin, you should use vault.getResourcePath(file: TFile)and vault.adapter.getResourcePath(vaultPath: string) as a replacement. These also works on mobile.
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