Update relative paths in markdown style hyperlinks when cutting and pasting

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Use case or problem

When cutting and pasting some links from one file to another file in another directory, the relative paths in markdown style don’t update in time, although the link still work.

Proposed solution

when pasting, detect the content and find internal links to files and images. Then update the relative paths.

Current workaround (optional)

rename the linked file or image with an addition and then rename them again with the origin name, using the always update internel link function. I think there are some utilities available for reusing.

Related feature requests (optional)


This is unlikely to happen in core obsidian, as it is difficult and performance intensive.
Improvements can be made to the “Note composer… extract …”.
Moreover, there are still plenty of more basic issues with Obsidian’s handling of links in relative mode.

Thanks, I understand. :grinning:

Is it easy to make a plugin to scan selected texts and get all linked files which I think obsidian API provide possibly and then update them? If so, I will try to create a plugin for myself.