Update links in code block

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Steps to reproduce

I have a code block where I use dataview to create a list

from [[note name]]

If I change the title of the note “note name” to e.g. “note name 2” then everywhere I link to “note name” via [[note name]] the link updates to [[note name 2]], except for in code blocks as the one above.

Expected result

That the links also updated in the code block

Actual result

The links in the code blocks did not update in the code block.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Debug info: Obsidian version 13.23

Additional information

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Sorry, we don’t supports links in codeblocks.

Hi WhiteNoise

It is only the “search and replace text” part that I would like to also work in the code block. It is not the links them self I would like to work in the code block.