Update links - do you want to update internal links that link to this file? Why do I get this dialogue window?

Update links…

Just curious - why is Obsidian checking if I want to “Always update”, “Just once” or “Do not update” for internal links?

I am new to Obsidian and instinctively I pressed “Always update” as I thought this is what I need to select.

But I wonder, what may be the reason I don’t select “Always update” but pick one of the two other choices.

I believe this window shows up whenever the note name or attachment name changed (e.g. manually).


The setting is here:

One of the great things about Obsidian is renaming the note cats to cute cats will change all [[cats]] links to [[cute cats]] across your vault.

I assume there are some folks or some workflows where you wouldn’t want anything changed, so there’s a setting if you need it.

Yes, I remember now, so that’s why I got the question again.
I believe one of the plugins I had enabled, requires this field to be turned off.
Okay, that makes sense now.

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