Update Function for updating embedded notes

After making edits to notes that are embedded in other notes, you currently do not see those updates in the embeds of those notes without closing and reopening the note containing the embeds.

I would request a setting that is on by default that would automatically regularly check for edits and automatically update the embedded versions of notes.

Or maybe a function that would allow you to just update all open notes so as to show the most current representations of the files contained within.

Usually my requests are quite trivial, but I actually think this might be pretty important, unless I am missing something.

Thanks for listening. Let Obsidian continue to be the gift that keeps on giving.


Performance issues?
Obsidian works as well as it does because Licat puts much time and effort into optimisation.

I am sorry if that how my request sounded. That was definitely not my intention.

What I am requesting is that the process of updating the embedded markdown files within a note would happen occasionally or perhaps upon request by clicking a button.

To give a little context, what I am currently doing is reviewing a list of just about 80 notes (each containing just a tiny embedded jpg of about 100 KB and about 50-100 words). Each of these notes are embedded one after another in a single note. I keep this note in preview mode and have another pane on the right where I am editing the text within those embedded notes, making iterative edits to all of them concurrently, bouncing around quite erratically within the preview comp note, regularly shift+ctrl clicking the link icon within the embedded notes to quickly open it on the side, add a comment, then close it and continue moving around comp, repeating this process quickly.

I just think that it shouldn’t be too much of a performance hit to occasionally update the preview these tiny embedded markdown files containing just tiny jpgs within. The fact that the note preview plugin previews these notes instantaneously if I am to control+hover my cursor over a list of links that have been recently edited makes me think this should not require too much resources.

It is a bit of a productivity hit and mental annoyance/distraction to not see my edits as I make them. I don’t see it as a luxury, but more of a necessity to see updates in this workflow which feels very aligned with what Obsidian was built for. Also, I get this fear they are not saving, even though I am aware this is untrue, and find myself regularly just closing the comp note and reopening it just so I can see the edits. It is also important that I see these comments I am making next to the image, as I continue to add more comments. Overall, I just think that it would be important to have this ability without closing notes, reopening, and re-finding place in note. That was my only point.

I definitely am not in any way going after the speed of Obsidian. This is why I recommended the ability to be able to only update when you run the update function, so as not to reduce the nice performance of Obsidian as it currently is.

I will try to be more descriptive and less confusing in future posts. The last thing I would want to do is criticize Obsidian in any way other than making constructive suggestions that are in line with the implied path of development as I have seen it over the past two months of closely following it.

I know this is a long message and you were simply asking a question, but I think you are right. It is wrong to even give a perception of these types of problems for others to see on this forum, when it is most definitely not the case. Obsidian is lightning and I love it.


Maybe I should have explained myself in more detail.

I understand and appreciate the benefit of your suggestion, but was concerned about any extra processing overhead being turned on by default. Pressing a button to update them all would have no impact except when a user is expecting it; I think that might be better than updating regularly.

You might only have a small number of tiny embeds, but others may have very large embeds (I certainly do) and a huge number of files. Maybe not so likely now, but in one or two years?

I was just trying to point out that every suggestion for more processing brings with it a performance hit, and that’s a constant balance that Licat has to juggle. What will WYSIWYG cost? So many Electron apps are slow that many think the slow speed is inevitable: Obsidian proves them wrong about the inevitability but not about the difficulty of achieving speed.

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Point well taken. I just edited the topic name to make things a little clearer. Thank you.

You are very right. And honestly, you were quite clear. I did not even consider the impact on wysiwyg. However, I do stand by there potentially being an option to enable automated occasional updating, perhaps with settings to only apply to certain watched folders or files. But honestly, the update function itself would be plenty, and some.

I appreciate your response.

Weird timing, @I-d-as… stay tuned for 0.9.3, maybe!

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Weird timing is right! I sware to God I had no clue this was coming in 0.9.3. What are the chances? This is awesome!

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Out of curiosity, how did you move this post to the feature archive section? I don’t see that section for recategorizing my posts. I assume it is a specific function for moderators, but remember seeing something about being able to help tidy up.

I have two other past requests that have been addressed in this update.

They were:

Thanks. Basically, I just would like to help shine a light on the developers for adding features that are very much wanted and appreciated. Hours and hours will be saved immediately.

It’s not actually a “move” function: if you edit your post, you can see the category near the title. I think all users can edit that to “move” where their thread is. (Though, yes, it might be moderator only.)

Switched those two threads to the archived section too, thanks!

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