Toggle between custom pane layout and custom “single note” pane layout

I was surprised that I haven’t thought of or seen this request before, but it would be really nice to be able to (while in a custom split note pane layout), toggle the current active note to fill the entire note pane region of the interface.

It would keep all other panes (file explorer, backlinks, etc.) in place; and when you were finished working on that single note, you could toggle back to the exact custom pane layout you were in.

It might also be nice to have it set up to remember that original layout even if you decide to split and rearrange while in “single” note view. However, with this, the feature might need to distinguish between using the toggle and the back and forward functions.

For example, if you toggle between views it saves the custom layouts of both, whereas if you use the back function while in single view mode, it brings you back to original custom layout and clears your custom single view mode layout.

I guess really, it may be better to just call this a custom layout toggle, but I will leave my description as is for now.



Could you accomplish the same end-user result by having Multiple windows on the same vault ? (Note: this is still an open request. Consider up-voting.)

You could open up the note in question in its own window?

I think you are onto something neat with your request though. In a more generic sense, something like “custom workspace layouts”.

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There’s no sign there will ever be multiple windows on the same vault without using nested vaults.
But I don’t think I’ve seen anything to say we can’t have a workspace toggle, especially if one part is always set to have one note cover the whole space.

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You are right, and when I went to upvote that request, it appears I already have. Thanks for your response.

And to @Dor, I think you are right, and don’t see any reason why it might not be worth it to develop the ability to allow this alternate workspace to allow for the same splitting and shifting of panes, but would definitely be happy with just the single note view toggle which was my original thought when I started writing the request.

I found a plugin with basic stuff – you can max out a single editable pane from a workspace GitHub - deathau/maximise-active-pane-obsidian: A plugin for [Obsidian]( which simply fills the workspace with the active pane.

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