Update File Explorer in realtime when sorting by last modified and a note is edited

When sorting the file explorer by last modified, one expects the list to be refreshed in real time. Notes should pop to the top of the list when edited. Currently the list is not updated until you manually sort by last modified again.


Can help to verify my testing results below on v0.8.12?

auto-refresh REALTIME on NEW addition or edit?
File name A-Z = yes, working as intended
File name Z-A = yes, working as intended
Created time new to old = yes, working as intended
Created time old to new = yes, working as intended
Edited time new to old = NOT OK
Edited time old to new = NOT OK


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Yeah, this is what this feature request is about.

There is not much to update in realtime with creation time because it is fixed.

So it is by-design.
Thanks for checking out.


Agreed that sorting by modified date should update if you edit a file.

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Yes, I REALLY need this feature because it helps my workflow (and it keeps me in the flow) when I can see my latest thoughts.

Tags update in real-time as they are added, but for some reason, the files on the left side do not. I am on the insider build 0.8.14

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@WhiteNoise any news on this one? Coming from Evernote, this is one thing I do miss. I frequently make a few edits to an assortment of notes and then want to see them float to the top of the file explorer. Really helps to navigate quickly & remember what I was working on.

Should this be re-filed as a bugreport?

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This issue got fixed in v0.10.12, which just got released in the Insider channel.

It now only takes a second or two for a modified note to jump to the top (or bottom) of the notes list when sorting is set to “Modified time”. :slight_smile:

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