Update Available - but not?

Get the following message at each login…
“Update Available
To support the latest features and to receive the latest security patches, Obsidian needs a major installer update. You need to manually download and reinstall Obsidian.”

I am on version v0.15.9, which I thought was the most current version. I’m running linux Mint 21 and installed from deb file. Note: SNAP and flatpak files would not load, format not recognized by Mint.

Am I missing something? What am I supposed to install?

What I’m trying to do

Your installer version is probably to old.

You can see your installer version in Settings > About

Just download a new version from the website, no need to uninstall the old one.

Installer updates are sometimes necessary to update some dependencies and are noted in the changelogs

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Thanks for quick reply. I’ve got it figured out now. I had to learn how to install appimage file and get installed into Mint. All is good now and I’m on installer 15.9 now, from 13.x.
Thanks again.

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