Up/down arrows don't work in Quick Switcher or Command menu with Minimal theme

Things I have tried

I’ve searched this forum for “switcher arrow.”
Posted on the Minimal Discord, but no response yet.
Checked Keyboard Maestro to be sure I haven’t remapped the arrow keys. (They work fine in all other apps and when editing in Obsidian-- it’s just these two menus. Also, the arrow keys don’t work to select items in any lists in the settings, such as the plug-in options list.

I have the Quick Switcher++ plug-in, and have tried turning it off and using only the core Quick Switcher, but then Cmd-O doesn’t do anything at all. It’s like the core plug-in is broken, and with Quick Switcher++ I get a “broken” switcher menu.

HOWEVER, the arrows work fine with the core Quick Switcher in the Obsidian Help vault, so there must be something wrong with my vault. I suspect the problem has something to do with the Minimal theme. When I use the Default and Nord themes, the arrows work.

What I’m trying to do

Just get the arrow keys to work with Minimal like they do in Nord and Default.


I started turning off community plugins, half, then a quarter, etc., and found the Style Setting plugin is the problem. Went through all its settings and found none that would obviously cause this problem. More investigation ahead…

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