Unlinked section includes partial matches

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a file and name it Sea.
  2. Create a second file which any name
  3. Add the word search to the body of the second file
  4. Go to the file named Sea and verify the Unlinked section

Expected result

The unlinked section of the file named Sea should be empty (considering there are only the two files in the whole system)

Actual result

The unlinked section of the file named Sea lists the partial match Search from the second file


  • Operating system: Linux
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.4
  • Using custom CSS: ROAM Template

Additional information

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Is it a bug or a feature?

Would you wanna see seas ?

It seems like a bug to me. It is matching the note title partially (matching ‘sea’ in ‘search’).

I understand your point. What I am asking is, if you had a note with the wordseas on it (like the seven seas), would you find that partial match a bug?

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In general terms, yes. Obsidin can be used in any language. For many of them, the plural is not formed by only adding an ‘s’ (‘mare’ and ‘mari’ in Italian, for your example). Even in English the irregular plurals don’t observe this rule.

Maybe a good solution would be:

  1. Treat this behavior as a bug (and fix it)
  2. Add an option/plug in to manage alias. In this way, the user can create aliases to the main page (e.g. ‘seas’ to ‘sea’ etc.)
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yeah, as you can see this is a tricky subject. It’s not just about plurar either. Move this to feature request.

It is still a bug. Sea should not backlink or be listed as Unlinked to Seaarch, Research, Sears, etc. Aliasing is a feature request, and it is not the subject of this specific bug.

Conflating items is not a wise decision. :slight_smile:

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Ok, let’s follow your suggestion. I keep this as a bug report and please file a plugin request to handle aliasing. I think it’s good idea.

Thanks, @WhiteNoise. The new feature request is here: Alias for file references

We moved to exact\whole word matching in 0.8.4/5.