Unlinked mentions should also parse text between [[brackets]]

Hi ! I’m not very sure whether this is a bug or a feature :rofl:
Anyway let me share my issue here :

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a note named Note
  2. Create another note, named Other note
  3. Create an alias “Note” in the page Other note :
aliases : Note
  1. In a third note, type : [[Note]]

Expected result

In Other note, there should be an unlinked mention to Note

Actual result

No unlinked mention


  • Operating system: OSX Intel 11.5.2
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.15

Additional information

  • In step 4., if you type Note instead of [[Note]], it works as expected (an unlinked mention to Note is shown in Other note.
    In step
  • In step 3., creating an alias such as below doesn’t solve the issue
aliases : [Note, "[[Note]]"]

Why is this important to me ?
I work a lot with Bible texts, which as you may know come in various translations.
I have all my translations of the same chapter like LSG Jn 1, WEB Jn 1, LXX Jn1
All of these have an alias to Jn 1, which is the generic name of that chapter.
I want (and need!) that every time I mention Jn 1 somewhere, it appears as an unlinked mention in all of the above LSG Jn 1, WEB Jn 1, LXX Jn1

I am a little confused. Thea actual title of the note contains square brackets?

Sorry if it wasn’t clear.
No, the title of the note doesn’t contain the brackets.
Let me correct that.

There are a few problems with what you are writing here.
First, we do not parse the YAML frontmatter for unlinked/linked mentions. So whatever you write there won’t be picked up.

The second larger problem is conceptual. What you are doing, having a note A and a note B with alias A, is conceptually wrong. An alias is another name for the same note. So having two notes with the same name and/or alias doesn’t make sense.

OK I see. But are you sure ? Then I don’t understandvwhy it works when there are no brackets.

Well, in my case it is indeed the same note - as being the same location in the same book. Just several different languages. I understand that alias are meant to cope with the case where only the title changes (Like a note Fleur and a note Flower, which are the same thing in French and in English). In my case, the content also changes.