Unlinked Mentions allows to link in URLs, paths etc

This might not be a bug per se but I would like to ask about and wasn’t sure about the correct section.
Depending on ones opinion it could be a bug so here it goes.

Obsidian find mentions in a lot of places including URLs and path strings and lets you link to them.
However in case of URLs that would break them and in path strings it would just be wrong.
Maybe Obsidian should only allow linking to words which are surrounded by white space?
Or maybe there’s a better method for detecting a word that is save to link to?
Or if it’s a design decision that’s fine with me as well just wasn’t able to find anything about this use case in particular.

I agree with you. In this case, I am not even sure we should show them. For sure not give the possibility to link them.
I thought we moved to whole word matching a few releases ago. I’ll double check.

It sort of only matches whole words as far as I can see.
It just seems that it doesn’t count non alphabetic characters as part of the word.
E.g. like here:
Screenshot from 2020-08-31 21-26-09

I haven’t seen an example where it only shows a partial match like “[git]lab” or so.

BTW. thanks a ton for your and all the others work. Obsidian is already quite amazing.

that is exactly right. We’ll keep as is for now and let the user decide what to link.

Is this still on the todo list?
Edit: Sorry posted before I’ve reread the topic, maybe it could become a toggle-able option?
I just had again lots of problems with this when I tried to create links between a lot of topics and quite often added a link inside an URL.