Universal Search Headings from Quick Switcher

Related and archived: Search for headings in quick open and link creation

It seems this ^ conversation was closed because it was half-implemented: [[## now searches for all headings in your vault.

However, the quick switcher cannot do this, and I believe it is a separate and valuable workflow. Though I generally try to keep my notes fairly atomic, I definitely make use of headings. I use quick switcher to quickly find my past ideas/meetings/drafts/etc, and results are uber quick, but of course I don’t always find what I was looking for because my idea/meeting/draft/etc was actually a heading somewhere in a larger note, so I have to go the ctrl+shift+f note search which is more laborious than quick switcher.

If it were a settings toggle, I would turn on “Search All Headings in Vault” by default — though I would also settle for typing # search terms every time.

Maybe this could be a plugin?


there a plugin that does this already. But I’ll keep this FR open.


Oh yes, thank you, looks like I missed Quick Switcher++.

For anyone who installs it and wants to search headings by default, enable “Search all headings” option, and change the hotkey for the command “Open in Headings Mode” to Ctrl+O (or whatever).

The plugin also options for searching tags, embeds, workspaces, aliases, etc.