Universal Icon Pack directory under .obsidian for all Plugins

Use case or problem

I am using some of the best plugins in the world and many of them are using some sort of Icon packs. Each plugin does this for themself and this causes a large explosion in size of my vault(s) due to repetition of the same icon in multiple locations. Some, but not all are:

  • Obisidan Icons
  • Obsidian Icon Shortcodes
  • Obsidian Icon Folder
  • Obsidian Admonitions

Proposed solution

Would it be possible that plugin developers agree on a single icon pack folder anduse these into a special directory under the .obsidian folder. That way we can reduce the size of our vaults and reuse icons among the plugins.

Additionally, I would ask that a official format be described by the Obsidian team so that there are not duplicates within the folder. For example, that the Icon Packs be in directories with a specific naming convention (fontawsome-line, rpgawesome, etc.)

Option 1 (no global icon-pack folder):

├── Vault A
    └── .obsidian
        └── icons
            ├── font-awesome-brands
            ├── font-awesome-regular
            ├── font-awesome-solid
            ├── rpgawesome
            └── remix-icons

Current workaround (optional)

I have no current workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

Please see Core FR on an overarching FR for all.