Universal app on Apple devices

Use case or problem

to be able seamless use of the app across apple devices and work with the same plugins and workflow on Mac and iOS and IpadOS.

Proposed solution

Develop a universal app for Apple devices

Current workaround (optional)

Using diffenrent apps like DEVONthink and AiWriter to compensate the mobile experience and sync with iCloud

Related feature requests (optional)

Able to sync using on NAS like Synology

The developers are already working on a mobile app! It’s in closed beta to people who have contributed financially to the development effort but you can check the status here: Mobile app beta

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Hi do you know if it will be a universal app that can run on all 3 OS on the M1 chip?
I am not a programer so would not know if Obsidian app can ported as a Apple Universal app which have all the same features on MacOs, iPadOS and iOS.

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