Unique Parts of OR search Identifier

Excuse my sad attempt at naming this but I think this is a good one (the idea that is).

The plugin would take a selection (via a modifier click sequence) or list of tags or search items and separate them by OR, produce the results, generate a wiki link list and display the items in various ways. For example, it could display them within headings based on the various search terms or tags.

So, if a search result was only included because of a single item in the search, that item would have a heading, and that search result would be within it.

I think their could be additional settings for how and if it would show items that were resulted just because of two items in the search term list and so on. If color formatting were more feasible than I am aware of via plugin, that would also help for various view methods like a flat version (of search results) with the search terms folded within them.

The possibilities and potential feels exciting. This really makes me want to learn how to write plugins for Obsidian. But in the meantime, making suggestions is a rush.