Unify fold headers and callouts

If I need to keep a block of text collapsed, then I use a callout. If I need fast navigation, then I use headers.
I would like to have both.
Some of the headers are collapsed and some not.
Something like “-” in callouts.

Possible solutions:

  • #- Folded header
  • #[!quote]- folder and callout at the same time

Does putting the header in the callout work for you?

> [!quote]- ### Header

Unfortunately no.

Here is the example of md file:

# Header1
# Header2
# Header3

Text here...
A lot of text here...

## Header3.1 workaround

Workaround header is visible in the table of context.
> [!quote]- ## Header3.1 + Callout
> Folded but is not in the table of context

Table of context:

  • Header1
  • Header2
  • Header3
    • Header 3.1 workaround

“Header3.1 + Callout” is not in the table of context.

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+1 This would be a useful feature. I use callouts more than necessary for this reason.

Callouts allow for faster folding since the entire line can be tapped. Unfortunately lots of callouts in a note introduce a slight rendering delay, not to mention adding some friction in having to blockquote to begin with.