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Does anyone happen to have something like this already in Markdown format? I was hoping to save something like this as a note to use as a reference to copy/paste from, but this table doesn’t convert very well to MD.

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Any use?

Not for my purposes, I think. They’re all helpful from on the page itself, of course. But I was hoping for something I can store in my database, and these heavily table-based pages don’t seem to carry over well.

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Fair enough. It is a Markdown file with a lot of tabulated data. Can understand why the writer would use a Markdown table to store the data. Assume the table could be removed, but then the columns would get pretty messy. I downloaded it and it looks clean and simple enough (as attached), but we all have different needs. If you find a cleaner source, please share. Thanks. :grinning:

unicode.zip (60.6 KB)

What kind of output/markdown do you envision?

A list? How would you like items to be separated then? Could you give an example?

It’s going to be an unwieldy beast due to the shear volume on entities anyways.


Here is a Markdown file with 52,000+ Unicode characters in list format (no table). Expect a lot of them could be culled, depending on language needs. Some glyphs won’t display without the right fonts.

52000 unicode characters.md.zip (469.0 KB)

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Maybe I did something wrong, because I got a jumble when I tried to save it. I’ll give it another go.

Should look like this:

Could try opening and editing in something like VS Code.

That should definitely suffice! I don’t know why my output didn’t look like that. I’ll try again in the morning. Thank you!

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Since this is a list, and you might have other queries potentially querying (and flattening lists), I would suggest adding this file to the excluded files so that it’s not picked up that easily by an open query and metadata caches and ask on.

The file will still be available, but a littlen more hidden in searches and so on.

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Thank you for this insight @anon63144152. I too, had a similar question about Unicode for languages. I did not realize this was available for download for the Greek and Hebrew languages.

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