Unexpected formatting effect of ##

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Initial state:
I have a normal paragraph (1 line of text) and below it a bulleted list (which contains links).

Now I change the line of text to a second order heading by inserting two ##.
This changes the font of the dashes below and deactivates the links.

I’m currently helping myself by inserting another line that only contains a “.”.
But this is not a long-term workaround.

Can someone explain to me what is happening and, better yet, how I can avoid this effect?

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I don’t see that behavior. Could you copy-paste an example in a code block so we can see it?

It sounds like the list is being marked as code, probably because of indentation (a thing people often don’t know is that indenting text other than a sublist marks it as code), but the change you describe shouldn’t matter to that. (If you changed a list item to a heading, it would affect any list items indented under it.)

I’ve put some screenshots in one jpg here.

  1. normal paragraph (with bullet list and links)
  2. normal paragraph changed in heading (bullet list changes font + links deactivated)
  3. line with point inserted (line with point inserted)

As Cawlin mentioned, the second section (looks line 123~125) is indented too far and has become a code block.

I’d review these links:

Markdown Resources

Could you copy-paste an example in a code block so we can see it?

I would do this as well; screenshots are difficult to troubleshoot.

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