Unexpected behaviour with nested lists

I’m new to obsidian and testing it out. The following images shows nested lists (bullet or numbered), with each sub-list numbered 1 higher than its parent. Is this expected behaviour?:

Live Preview mode: (Weird from 11 and up)

Reading mode: (Better, but weird from 22 and up)

Thanks for the help!

I’m not sure if I would call it expected behaviour, but it seems like you’re touching some internal rendering issues when going this deep. When I tested it shows strangeness depending on the width of my display when in edit mode (and it does also change with the theme, with Minimal doing really strange things, and Prism behaving very good).

Test list with 26 levels

Here is a 26 level list, with the alphabet as the text of the various levels.

1. a
	1. b
		1. c
			1. d
				1. e
					1. f
						1. g
							1. h
								2. i
									1. j
										1. k
											1. l
												1. m
													1. n
														1. o
															1. p
																1. q
																	1. r
																		1. s
																			1. t
																				1. u
																					1. v
																						1. w
																							1. x
																								1. y
																									1. z

In my version, the reading view also stops at level 8 (aka “h”), and from there on it doesn’t allow collapsing the list or anything. In editing modes, it could collapse the list all the way down.

So it seems like the rendering engine for the reading view (prism(?)) handles this issue differently, as opposed to the rendering engine for the editing views (CodeMirror6(?)), which also depends on the theme used.

Strangely enough, I don’t have any issues with the numbering going astray (with the exception of the reading view having a bit of a hickup around level 8/9).

Interesting. I’ve tried prism and minimal themes as you’ve done, and it does not seem to change anything. I’ve also tried installing obsidian with default settings on an empty windows VM and the behavior remains the same.

Also, the following image is for numbers 22 to 35 (not included in original post) in live preview mode:

It seems to be increasingly broken as more and more nested lists are created.

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