Undoing (CTRL+Z) undoes more than the last action, leading to unpredictable outcomes

I frequently use CTRL+BACKSPACE to remove words when typing and I sometimes have to undo the last removal, in case I went back too far or realised I needed the last word anyways. My go-to then is to press CTRL+Z, which (sometimes) inconveniently puts back the entire half of the sentence I just removed.
The amount of text removal that is undone in Obsidian depends on time between removal actions, making it impossible to predict. Most of my other, modern text editing programmes simply just undo the last action.

Can this behavior be changed or can there be an option to change this behavior?

I’ve moved this to help for now. For FR and bugs, please follow the template.

I haven’t noticed this being too bad in Obsidian. It always seems to be sensible chunks for me. Scrivener -as an alternative example - sometimes remembers and combines multiple typing sessions over long periods of time, and undoes stuff I didn’t intend.

For Obsidian, have you tested without plugins, just to isolate that it isn’t something else interfering? Otherwise, no there aren’t any built in options surrounding undo.

And just to check, are you using the Vim bindings, or no?

I did specify a problem and proposed a solution, I put it in feature request for that reason. Same with my other post that got moved to help – though I probably could have worded them better.

I hadn’t noticed this about Scrivener up until now because I always use CTRL+BACKSPACE to undo words, not CTRL+Z, which is why Obsidian’s behavior is so finicky for me – sometimes it decides to undo the removal of one word, sometimes the removal of half a sentence; in which case I have to CTRL+BACKSPACE a few more times, sometimes a word too far and the problem repeats itself.
It would be good if it was more predictable by not relying on the time between removal actions, but ideally it would only undo the removal of one word at a time.

I have tested this without plugins in the sandbox vault and I’m not using Vim bindings.

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I hear you. That probably feels overly bureaucratic, but we have a lot to organize. Please follow the templates and it won’t happen as often.

I definitely hear the problem. But to me, it read more like a question, and less like a proposed solution. In #Help, we can discuss workarounds, plugins, or debug what might be happening. Or someone might know more details. Maybe the undo/editing is all dependent on CodeMirror. I’m not sure. Anyway, not trying to shoot your post down, just organizing. :+1:

I understand, no worries. I phrased my solution as a question because I don’t know if my suggested solution is viable or even if the behavior is intentional or not, so I left it open for discussion. It sounds like help was the right category after all.

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